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Fireproof, functional, and long-lasting rubber slates that make your roofs durable to all kinds of climates.

Fireproof, functional, and long-lasting Rubber slate that makes your roofs durable to all kinds of climates. Not only would they look great but it will ensure that dust won’t hide in them.

As rubber slate roofing is made of plastic polymers or rubber or a combination of both, these are very much eco-friendly. Also, we commonly used the rubber slate made from recycled tires, sawdust, etc.

Using rubber slate roofing, you can avoid extensive leakages and produce a good amount of impenetrable sealing. The single-ply synthetic membrane roofing is robust, pliant, and waterproof.  In addition, these are even resistant to thermal shocks. When rubber slate roofs are installed in a proper way, they won’t crack or be brittle which occurs due to cold or hot temperature.

Also, rubber slate roofing can last for a long time and they require less maintenance. Furthermore, the upkeep is easy and if there are any kind of leaks or breakage, they can be fixed easily and won’t be expensive. Unlike other roofing materials, the rubber roofing can be repainted using acrylic paint and it will shine for more than ten years.

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