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Polish Work

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As one of the reliable and reputed wood polishing service providers in Kerala, we provide the best wood polishing services for your furniture, doors, windows, and other wood items.

Skillful & dependable workers

What makes us provide a great polishing service is the huge experience our workers have in the latest polishing methods. They are aware that natural wooden floors and engineered wood are commonly prone to suffer from various scratches and color fading, as time passes back. Often this is due to friction of the footfall and movement.

Advanced polishing methods we follow

  • Polishing & Scrapping

As one of the lengthy processes, this is the best solution for natural wood that contains deep scratches and run over by time. We scarp the upper layer of the wooden floor using pads and machines. Also, the raw surface would then be polished for getting the desired finish and necessary color shade.

  • Express Polishing

This is a quicker process and requires less time as well as cost. In this method, we would properly clean the wooden flooring using the best surface cleaners. Also, scratch filing and light repairs will be carried out and then the floor will get polished using the assistance of wooden floor polish. So, ultimately your floor will get a shine and glossy look.

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